Saturday, October 23, 2010

Back to the Future

      So today, Miss Wisabus and I went up to Oklahoma City to a special showing of Back to the Future at the Quail Springs movie theater.  There are several movies that I grew up watching constantly and associate with the nostalgia that is my childhood, one of them being Back to the Future.  The movie came out in 1985 when I was four years old.  I don't remember seeing it in the theater, however I do remember seeing movies II and III.  The experience of seeing this movie in the theater makes it all the more special.

     What this movie does for me is always bring me back to the question, "Is time travel possible?"  When I was a youngster in the 5th grade, we learned about the American Revolution and how the armies fought against each other.  I would sit and daydream as to what it would be like to go back in time with a bunch of machine guns and/or sniper rifles and think about how exciting it would have been to help the Continental Army win the war at a quicker pace.  Two things escaped my mind, and perhaps never entered it for that matter, when I would daydream.  The first was how different the United States would/could be had I managed to go back in time to help the Continental Army against the British.  Second, it never occurred to me that it is physically impossible to do so.  At least since the publishing of H.G. Wells' classic The Time Machine (1895), minds alike have thought about the possibility of being able to travel through time.  As far as I am concerned, in the current universe that we occupy, time travel is an impossibility.  My reasons for thinking so comes mostly from a specific religious/philosophical viewpoint, but I digress.  The great mystery and nostalgia that will forever surround the story of Marty McFly's journey to 1955 is the novelty and wonder at the idea of being able to experience specific moments in history's past.

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