Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today in History

     There are many events from history that share the same date.  Today's premier event from history, according to the History Channel's "This Day in History" website, is the infamous "Shootout at the OK Corral" in Tombstone, AZ.  This event has long been the talk of anything having to do with Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, or both.  As with anything from history portrayed in a movie, the event is generally romanticized by Hollywood.  The movie does a fairly good job of portraying the gunfight...not 100% accurate, but pretty close.

     Other notable events from October 26 in the days of yore...

- The Erie Canal opened in 1825.
- The Battle of Leyte Gulf ends in 1944.
- Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune was born in 1946.
- "Saving All My Love For You" earned Whitney Houston her first #1 hit in 1985.
- Bill Buckner in 1986 (that's all I am going to say).
- Brazil declares war on Germany in 1917.
- US aircraft carrier Oriskany catches fire in 1966.

Source of information: http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/shootout-at-the-ok-corral
Source of picture: http://movie-shop.us/pictures/Tombstone.jpg

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