Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bedlam And Some Big 12 History

     Today history will be made in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  The winner of the Bedlam game, between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, will determine the winner of the Big 12 South Division title.  After this season, the Big 12 will be no more.  Colorado will be a member of the Pac 10 and Nebraska will be a member of the Big 10.  This means that the Big 12 Conference Championship for football is the very last one.  If Oklahoma State wins, it will mark their FIRST EVER South Division title, and their last.  If Oklahoma wins, it will mark their 8th and final South Division title.

     The first year of the Big 12 Conference was 1996, making this year the fifteenth year of the conference.  Eight South Division titles in fifteen years? That is one remarkable feat, especially with having to go up against Texas every year.  Texas only has five South Division titles to their name.  What is even more impressive is this could be Oklahoma's eighth trip to the Big 12 Championship in eleven years.  That is what I call domination.  In essence, Oklahoma has ruled the South Division.  Can they continue their dominance by beating the Pokes?  We won't know the answer to that question until tonight.

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