Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Caution: Personal Views Shared!

     Some years Election Day isn't really eventful because not much is being voted on, whereas other years it is eventful.  This year was one of those eventful years.  The cause for the eventfulness is up for debate, but the summary is that the people have spoken.  Through all of the protests and town hall meetings, "We The People" have spoken.  Was it the right decision?  Will the politics pendulum keep moving to the right or will it stop and swing back to the left?  Only time will tell.
     My dad has had quite a bit of experience when it comes to elections...he's been voting for 30+ years.  Something that he told me this past year was that when the party of the President is opposite the party of Congress, or in this case the House of Reps, stuff gets done.  When two people or two groups of people have a job to do and have opposing views on specific issues, they still have to get the job done.  Its called compromise, negotiating, and working together.
     I think that people get so focused on themselves with what happens during elections that they forget the fact that THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE and freely speak their minds.  How many people in the world can say that they have the right to freely participate in government by voting AND have the protected freedom to speak their mind?  We take too many things for granted in this country.  Voting, freely assembling together, and protesting should be held as sacred.  Paraphrasing the wise Thomas Jefferson, you can't be ignorant AND free at the same time.  Sitting back and letting bureaucrats and politicians make decisions for you WITHOUT your input is NOT freedom and liberty.  It is IGNORANT, UNWISE, STUPID, LAZY, and UN-AMERICAN.

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