Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Last Time...Nebraska

     Well, if you missed my post earlier today on Bedlam and the history of the Big 12, all is still right in the world.  Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State 47-41 in Stillwater.  We will have to wait and see what the BCS standings show tomorrow evening, but it is predicted that Oklahoma will be ranked above Oklahoma State, giving Oklahoma the Big 12 South Division title.  This means that Oklahoma will be playing Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship in Dallas, TX next week.  So much more history is riding on next week's match up.
     Oklahoma and Nebraska are two perennial powers from the old Big 8 Conference.  Oklahoma and Nebraska were two teams, that when really good, one would wind their way to the national championship.  The Pelini brothers, Bo (Nebraska Head Coach) and Carl (Nebraska Defensive Coordinator), are both from Youngstown, Ohio, which is where the Stoops brothers are from.  Also, Bo Pelini is a former assistant coach at Oklahoma.  The question for next week will be: can Nebraska leave their mark in the Big 12 by winning the last conference championship, or can Oklahoma win it by doing what they consistently Big 12 Championships?

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