Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock. It.

     One of the aspects of America that sets us apart from other countries in the world (not all countries of course) is the ability to vote for those that represent us in government.  Two years ago, America elected the first African-American president.  Some would argue that the nation is reaping from that decision.  Today, the state of Oklahoma will make its own history by electing the first female governor...ever!  The other possibility is the first time in state history whereby the governor and majorities in both houses of the state legislature are from the same political party.  There has never been a time in statehood that the Republican Party has controlled both the Executive and Legislative branches of government.  We shall see what happens this evening.  I of course do not want to forget the changes that may happen across the nation with gubernatorial elections and U.S. Congressional elections.  I will leave you now with some well-spoken words....

Rock the vote!!!

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