Thursday, December 23, 2010

NCAA 2004 Navy Midshipmen (vs. Hawaii)

     The Most Points Scored in a game, once held by Kansas State (142) is now held by Navy.  If you are wondering why I score a lot of points sometimes but not a lot other times, its mainly due to defensive touchdowns, which depends on how many turnovers I can create.  This game...lots of turnovers, fumbles and interceptions.

-853 yards of total offense

     461 rushing yards (7 touchdowns)

     392 passing yards (7 touchdowns)

-21 sacks (20 by my DE)

-5 interceptions (2 returned for touchdowns)
-3 fumble recoveries (3 returned for touchdowns)

-3 safeties

After Week 14...who will be ranked #1?

Fifth BCS Standings Top 5
5.  Tennessee              15.07
4.  Miami                    10.29
3.  Ohio State               8.02
2.  USC                        7.68
1.  Navy                       1.66

Up next...#9 Virginia (8-3).

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  1. Someone needs to (a) buy a newer version with better AI and (b) up the difficulty level.