Monday, December 20, 2010

NCAA 2004 Navy Midshipmen (vs. Miami)

-661 yards of total offense

     228 rushing yards

     433 passing yards

-15 sacks (13 by my DE)

-5 interceptions (3 returned for touchdowns, all by the same guy)

Up next...#5 Fresno State (2-0).

I must also comment at the fact that this game will occasionally have oddities as far as teams ranked in the top 10, or in this case, top 5.  My next opponent, Fresno State, is ranked #5.  Currently Colorado is ranked #4 followed by Maryland being ranked #3.  North Texas...let me say that again...North Texas is ranked #2 behind me.  Seeing that UNT probably doesn't have a hard game for the rest of the season, I could very well end up playing the Mean Green in the National Championship.  Crazy!

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