Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NCAA 2004 Navy Midshipmen (vs. Connecticut)

     This one is dedicated to my Sooners.  I would love it if you could reproduce this score on January 1st in Glendale, Arizona, but I am thinking it probably won't happen.

-782 yards of total offense

     386 rushing yards

     396 passing yards

-17 sacks (14 by my DE)

-2 interceptions (1 for touchdown)

I have now reached the point in my season where the first BCS standings are released after Week 8.  Who will be ranked #1?

First BCS Standings Top 5
5.  USC                    14.68
4.  Southern Miss     14.00
3.  Virginia                 9.00
2.  Ohio State             7.69
1.  Navy                     2.10

After a 3-week bye, up next...#25 San Diego State (7-1).

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