Sunday, December 19, 2010

NCAA 2004 Navy Midshipmen (vs. NC State)

     Thus begins a new series on my blog concerning the video game that I am playing, NCAA Football 2004.  2004? Yes, 2004.  The deal with me and this game is a kink in its armor, twofold.  On offense, there is one play from Kansas State's playbook that I like to use whereby I get a lot of passing yards.  On defense, I shuffle my defensive end over as soon as he touches the ground and it forces him to pop up.  This means that my defensive end is standing up ready to rush the quarterback and get the sack.  The combination of the two results in the picture below.  This series will simply feature a picture of the final score and the game stats.

I think it would be a good time to explain why I picked Navy.  Navy is an independent, meaning that they do not belong to any conference in football.  This means that I am allowed to schedule 11 non-conference games...I choose whomever I want to play.  The only team that Navy is forced to play against is Army.  What I decided to do for this current season was to schedule 11 teams that had the highest number of passing yards in the prior season.  More passing yards means more opportunities for sacks and interceptions.

-836 yards of total offense

     448 rushing yards

     388 passing yards

-17 sacks (16 by my DE)

-6 interceptions (4 returned for touchdowns)

Up next...Texas A&M (0-1).

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