Friday, December 31, 2010

Thus Begins a New Decade!

     I do concede that it has been many days, at least a good week, since my last post.  For my avid and loyal readers (few and far between), I do apologize for the great delay.  I have decided, with today being the last day of the year 2010 AND last day of the decade, that I would reflect on memorable events from both the year AND the decade.  Wish me luck!!! (I always use three exclamation marks)

     I think how I will do this might seem confusing to some, but it won't be for all the fans of LOST...they'll know what I am talking about.  I will start in 2010, but as I go along, I will jump to different parts of the decade whilst returning to 2010.  Enjoy!!!

     June of 2010 was my 1 year wedding anniversary with the best helper God could provide me with, Miss Wisabus.  To celebrate, she and I took a weekend trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  We stayed at a really cool and relaxing place, the Grand Treehouse Resort.

     2007 was quite a wonderful year.  I was back in school getting my teaching certification and was doing quite well academically.  Also, this was the year that Liz and I began dating seriously.  Our 3rd date was to the Civic Center to see the stage production of On Golden Pond, starring the late Tom Bosley.  I met her parents.  She met my parents.  I told her I loved her.  She said she loved me back.  Great stuff!!!

     May of 2010 was the last month of my first year of teaching.  I taught 8th grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra (7th and 8th).  Due to the budget woes across the state, as well as in the district I teach, I was not sure if I would have a job in August.  At the end of June, I got the phone call from my school principal offering me the 6th grade Social Studies position that was open.  I gladly accepted.

     2004 was a tough AND surreal year at the same time.  I graduated from college (first time) that May and begun my search for the answer to the question, "What am I supposed to do with my life?"  My search began with playing a lot of Halo and working at a local preschool.

     September/November of 2010.  AMAZING!!!  So my blogging/tweeting wife received an email inviting her (and me) to the Pioneer Woman's lodge for a secret event.  Liz tells the rest of the story here.  It was absolutely incredible knowing that we were on Throwdown With Bobby Flay.

     2001.  This was the year that I finished up my sophomore year of college.  My parents moved to Pennsylvania.  I spent my first summer working at Glorieta as a summer staffer.  January was the month when my brother and I traveled to Miami to watch Oklahoma win its 7th national championship against the Florida State Seminoles.  This event bears little weight to what would come later.  I woke up that morning and turned on the television.  I don't remember what channel it was that the television was on, but the news was showing.  One of the twin towers had smoke coming out of the top and the person talking had said that an airplane had flown into the tower.  With the camera rolling, I witnessed with my eyes, in real time, the second airplane flying into the other tower.  It felt like time had stood still and I could not believe what my eyes had just witnessed.  I went from disbelief to even more disbelief when the towers fell.  To coin the words said by FDR, September 11, 2001 is a day that "will live in infamy."

     November 2010 was the month that my mentor teacher from last year finally managed to get hired on as an assistant principal.  I am so happy for her and I hear she is doing quite well in her new position.

     2005 witnessed several events.  Project Impact in Chicago that summer was a terrific time for growing spiritually and setting the stage for what would become 4 wonderful years living in the Random House.  Also, another traumatic event in U.S. history took place with Hurricane Katrina.  New Orleans is STILL recovering.  It's hard to say if they will ever stop recovering.

     June of 2010 was the time that my wife and I learned that we were going to be Uncle Kevin and Aunt Elizabeth.  Please pray for my sister-in-law and Baby Josiah.  Things are a little rough right now coming up on delivery in the coming weeks this month and next.

     2003.  I didn't know it, but I met the woman that would later become Mrs. Crumpler.  I finished my first senior year and started my second and last senior year.  She graduated high school and started her freshman year at OU.

     February of 2010, I turned what would be the last year in the second decade of my life.  May of 2010 saw the end of a television phenomenon that was and is...LOST (see second paragraph).

     2000 was a mixed year.  I did the worst I ever did in college that second semester of my freshman year.  Summer was spent working for a real estate title agency.  First semester of my sophomore year I managed to get off of academic probation...and there are four words...Oklahoma football...and...Josh Heupel. 'Nuff said.

     During this month of December 2010, I had the privilege of spending the last days of the year and decade with three of my favorite wife and my mom and dad.

     The beginning of 2002 was a really rough time.  I was involved in a roommate situation that turned out to be one of those times when you learn who you just cannot live with.  Fortunately I didn't fall into that situation again.

     This year, in 2010, saw the anniversaries of some great films.  The Goonies (25th), Back to the Future (25th), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (20th), Home Alone (20th), The Hunt For Red October (20th), The Empire Strikes Back (30th), and The Patriot (10th).

     The year of 2006 was the year that I continued to struggle to find something stable as far as a career is concerned, but also the year that I started back at school to work towards my teaching certification.  Also, this is the year that I asked out Miss Wisabus.

     The culmination of the first two years of P.O.'s first term saw a huge shift in the balance of power in the U.S. House of Representatives and many state legislatures across the country.

     2008 had a high and a low.  The high was in June when I asked Liz to marry me.  The low was on January 8th when my paternal grandfather passed away.

     For the sake of time, I am going to forgo further 2010 references and discuss the final year in my reflections on the year and decade.  2009 was probably one of the best years in my life.  This was the year that I got married and began my career as a professional educator of young minds.  Getting a wife and a job in the same year...double the awesomeness!

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