Saturday, March 26, 2011

Somebody Has a Birthday Today

     It is interesting to look back on the friendships that I have made in my life and try to remember how they began.  There is one friendship that I have that I honestly cannot remember exactly how it began.  Most of the people that I became friends with at the OU Baptist Student Union (now OU Baptist Collegiate Ministry), I did so simply because that is where they went.  Practically speaking, I was friends with everyone that went to the BSU, but most of them I do not recall when/how we first met.  For one of these individuals I don't recall when we first met, but I do remember when we first started hanging out.  Matt Mahler.  The Glo '06.

     Matt soon graduated from OU and got a job as a meteorologist for the NBC affiliate station in Wichita Falls, TX.  During his tenure in Wichita Falls, he would occasionally make trips up to Norman to visit The Random House.  The Random House has a simple explanation.  Four individuals decided to live together and they each had their "random" idiosyncrasies.  Caleb, Ian, K Lai, and I.  That was The Random House.  Matt's visits always, always, always consisted of playing Mario Kart 64.
     I find it really interesting when a friendship begins to grow long distance.  This was one of those.  June of 2009 came around and it was time for me to get married.  Even though I was not able to ask Matt to be a groomsman, he was asked to partake in all of the pre-wedding festivities.  Phase 10, grapes, Mario Kart 64, Henry Weinhard Root Beer, and All-You-Can-Eat seats.  Consider him an honorary groomsman.

     Months passed by and Matt was still living in Wichita Falls, but not for long.  He was about to have a new boss.  Gary England.  Matt was moving back to Oklahoma.  I was really happy for him AND I would be able to watch him "put his thing down" for KWTV-News 9..."and meteorologist Matt Mahler."

     It was time for someone to get married again.  This time it was K Lai.  Matt and I were both groomsmen in the wedding.  Once again, the pre-wedding festivities involved Mario Kart 64, Phase 10, and a whole lot of Henry Weinhard.  Need to show the picture to prove the "whole lot of Henry" part.

     So, back to K Lai's wedding.  K Lai's rehearsal dinner had to be one of the best ever.  Authentic Chinese cuisine from Fung's Kitchen in Oklahoma City.  I lost track of how many courses we had to eat but we surely received a nice number of orange slices.  See?

     Well Matt, I think I have talked enough.  Let's see what your parents have to say.  Surprise!!!

     "He was born on a stormy night, maybe we should have known then that weather would be such a big part of life."

     "As a child he was painfully shy. He did not like to be if front of, or talk to, groups of people when he talked at all. It is amazing that now he not only enjoys it, but is so good at it."

     "One thing he did as a child makes sense now. He was always watching the sky. He would watch storms blow in and would watch the clouds even on a lazy summer day. He loves being outside and he loves nature. He absolutely loved a rainy day. When the weather came on TV, we knew where he was.  He has a tremendous sense of humor. Being with him makes even the most boring situation an absolute delight. He can find enjoyment in almost any situation. We love a visit from him and we love visiting him."

     "Also as a child he was fascinated by school buses. He knew each school bus company and what their symbol was. He could name each model and its details. When Howe schools purchased a rear engine school bus he was beside himself. He called it "flat nose" and just had to ride in it. When attending the Howe fall festival one year, there is was, parked off to the side with the door open. We had to sneak over and go inside. It was like a holy experience for him, to actually step into a "flat nose!" Among his toys were all kinds of school buses. Matchbox, Hotwheel, Tonka, and many unknown brands, even some wooden models I made for him. Other boys may have had lots of hot rods or airplanes but Matthew had lots and lots of school buses." (Actually, I think this picture also shows the start of his love of science fiction and superheroes...look at the left side of the picture.)

     Now a special message from your father..."He has a very solid faith in God. I have learned much from him whether he knows it or not." - Ted Mahler

     Matt, first of all, happy birthday!  You are loved by both your parents and friends.  You are a joy to be around and your friendship is truly valued and appreciated.  You rock my friend!  Once again, happy birthday!

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