Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You For Your Sacrifice

     Today is a day that is set aside to honor the memory of those that have died to defend and protect the freedom that we take for granted each and every day.  Take the time to thank someone that is currently serving in our nation's military.  The following are pictures that remind me of the sacrifice that our military gives for the United States of America...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Been A While

     I just received a text message pertaining to a tweet that was sent by @themahler.  He mentioned how he thinks he feels a blog post coming on and I got to thinking about how long it has been since my last post.  Recently my time has been taken with doing genealogy stuff via  I was able to determine the familial relationship that my wife has with George Washington and Robert E. Lee.  I am trying to find out if I am related to Kevin Bacon, as well as the Drummonds, of the @thepioneerwoman variety.  I think that things should be dying down in this department by the end of next week with the ending of my monthly membership.  I can then get back to what I was doing before all of this.  Also, yes, I still have not finished my 50 favorite films to watch list.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"I'm Henry the Eighth, I am."

     I have recently been doing some serious looking into my family genealogy.  I have been using Ancestry. com, but being the history person that I am, I have to use outside sources to confirm and corroborate the information found on  I have found some very interesting things, like being related the Roger Williams, the Puritan founder of Providence, Rhode Island, and Lord Protector of England, Sir Oliver Cromwell.  Here is another interesting ancestral lineage for 14th great grand uncle...

Henry VIII King of England Tudor (1491 - 1547)

Henry VII Lord of Ireland, King of England Tudor (1457 - 1509)
Father of Henry VIII King of England

Margaret Queen of Scotland Princess of England Tudor (1489 - 1541)
Daughter of Henry VII Lord of Ireland, King of England

Lady Dorothea Stewart (1545 - 1627)
Daughter of Margaret Queen of Scotland Princess of England

William Ruffin (1617 - 1674)
Son of Lady Dorothea

Katherine Ruffin (1634 - 1687)
Daughter of William

Arthur Whitehead (1654 - 1710)
Son of Katherine

William West Whitehead (1685 - 1750)
Son of Arthur

Joseph Whitehead (1716 - 1781)
Son of William West

Mary Whitehead (1738 - 1773)
Daughter of Joseph

John Debord (1765 - 1830)
Son of Mary

Prissilla DeBord (1798 - 1862)
Daughter of John

Elizabeth Rosilla Sorrels (1824 - 1901)
Daughter of Prissilla

Mary Emiline "Emma" Sumner (1841 - 1910)
Daughter of Elizabeth Rosilla

Jane Lance (1861 - 1927)
Daughter of Mary Emiline "Emma"

Zona Pinner (1900 - 1990)
Daughter of Jane

Catherine Lucile Presley (1931 - 1980)
Daughter of Zona

Living Kohler (1952 - )
Daughter of Catherine Lucile

Living Crumpler (1981 - )