Sunday, August 21, 2011

First Day of School

     As you know, I ended up getting hired to teach at a different school in a different district than where I had been the past two years.  This past Thursday was the first day of school at my new job.  Thinking back on my three first days of school as a teacher, this recent first day was different than the other two.  I thought I was going to be nervous or anxious.  I wasn't.  Did this mean that I was more confident with myself as a teacher? Possibly.  I was really surprised at how well this past Thursday and Friday went for me.  One would think that a new school with new kids would be intimidating or scary, but for me it wasn't.  Thursday morning, before my first day of school, I prayed for that day and for those kids.  That morning, I read the first two chapters of John and what was reaffirmed in my life were the two words, "Follow Me."  God has called me to be a teacher.  Through all the internal strife that came with trying to find a job this summer and to face disappointment and some bitterness, God had me in His hands the entire time.  No matter how much I wanted to stay in the district I was in, His plan for me was something different.  Sure, I could have forced the situation of trying to stay in the district, but I would have been miserable because I wasn't where He wanted me to be.  To obey His will is to surrender yours and mine.

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  1. Sounds like you're the kind of teacher parents hope for their kids!