Thursday, August 11, 2011

List of Driving Pet Peeves

     So with my new teaching/coaching job in the city, I have to make the approximate 45 minute commute.  I am starting to see more and more things that drivers do, while driving, that I consider to be pet peeves.  Following is a list of them, in no particular order of importance...

- Slowing down...then putting on the turn signal.

- Merging onto the highway at the same, slow speed being traveled prior to merging.

- Doing something else, like texting, applying makeup, reading. Yes, I have seen someone reading while driving.

- Sitting at an intersection waiting to turn right on red with the turn signal on, but not doing so even when the intersection is clear and it is legal.

- Not looking when changing lanes.

- Being on my tail when there is no need.

- Turning up the bass so it makes the trunk rattle.

- Thinking that 2 or 3 feet in front of my car is enough room to switch lanes while traveling 65 mph...or more.

- Not necessarily the first car running a red light to turn left at an intersection, but the second or third.

- Waiting for the last possible moment to merge when an upcoming lane is shut down.

- Not waiting for me to pass when cars are parked in a neighborhood on your side of the street.

- Turning right at an intersection, right in front of me, when I am crossing the crosswalk.

- Speeding through a school zone when the lights are flashing.

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