Saturday, February 11, 2012

Was Alec Really That Smart?

     I saw this picture on Facebook and I immediately thought that the answers to these questions were right up my alley.  There are times where I will be asked a question and my instinct is to be just as smart as Alec, whoever he was.  Here are some examples...

-Student:  "What time do we get out of class?"
 Me, the teacher:  "When the bell rings."

-Student:  "Can I ask you a question?"
 Me, the teacher:  "You just did."
 Student:  "Can I ask you two questions?"
 Me, the teacher:  "What's your question?"

-Student:  "Why?"
 Me, the teacher:  "Because."

-Anytime you ask me an "or" question such as, "Do you like fries or mashed potatoes?" my answer is always "yes."

      There is only one time in my student career that I ever came close to what you see in the picture.  In my 9th grade science class, we had a quiz and on the quiz, one of the questions read, "What is the cause of thunder?"  Siding with Alec, my response was, "Lightning."  It was marked wrong.  I went to the teacher and inquired as to why my answer was incorrect.  She said that it was because I didn't explain how lightning creates thunder.  You have now gained a bit of insight into the crazy mind of Mr. C, aka Crumpy.

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