Thursday, December 17, 2015

Milla Jovovich, Claire Forlani, Giovanni Ribisi, and Bill Pullman

Today's DOUBLE challenge...

Happy Birthday to Milla Jovovich and Claire Forlani!

From the Brain
Milla Jovovich was in "The Fifth Element" with Bruce Willis.
Bruce Willis was in "Ocean's 12" with Brad Pitt.
Brad Pitt was in "Meet Joe Black" with Claire Forlani.

From The Oracle of Bacon
Milla Jovovich was in "Dazed and Confused" with Ben Affleck.
Ben Affleck was in "Mallrats" with Claire Forlani.

Happy Birthday to Giovanni Ribisi and Bill Pullman!

From the Brain
Giovanni Ribisi was in "Saving Private Ryan" with Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks was in "Philadelphia" with Denzel Washington.
Denzel Washington was in "The Equalizer" with Bill Pullman.

From The Oracle of Bacon
Giovanni Ribisi was in "Lost Highway" with Bill Pullman.

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