Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Alexandra Daddario to Alan Tudyk; Lauren Graham to Victor Garber

Today's DOUBLE challenge...

Happy Birthday to Alexandra Daddario and Alan Tudyk!

From the Brain
Alexandra Daddario was in "San Andreas" with Paul Giamatti.
Paul Giamatti was in "Saving Private Ryan" with Nathan Fillion.
Nathan Fillion was in "Serenity" with Alan Tudyk.

From The Oracle of Bacon
Alexandra Daddario was in "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" with Octavia Spencer.
Octavia Spencer was in "Zootopia" with Alan Tudyk.

Happy Birthday to Lauren Graham and Victor Garber!

From the Brain
Lauren Graham was in "Evan Almighty" with Morgan Freeman.
Morgan Freeman was in "The Sum of All Fears" with Ben Affleck.
Ben Affleck was in "Argo" with Victor Garber.

From The Oracle of Bacon
Lauren Graham was in "Bad Santa" with Lauren Tom.
Lauren Tom was in "Kung Fu Panda 2" with Victor Garber.

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