Sunday, March 20, 2016

Holly Hunter to David Thewlis; Michael Rapaport to William Hurt

Today's DOUBLE challenge!

Happy Birthday to Holly Hunter and David Thewlis!

From the Brain
Holly Hunter was in "The Incredibles" with Samuel L. Jackson.
Samuel L. Jackson was in "Star Wars: Phantom Menace" with Natalie Portman.
Natalie Portman was in "Leon: The Professional" with Gary Oldman.
Gary Oldman was in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" with David Thewlis.

From The Oracle of Bacon
Holly Hunter was in "Broadcast News" with Christian Clemenson.
Christian Clemenson was in "The Big Lebowski" with David Thewlis.

Happy Birthday to Michael Rapaport and William Hurt!

From the Brain
Michael Rapaport was in "Cop Land" with Robert Patrick.
Robert Patrick was in "Walk the Line" with Joaquin Phoenix.
Joaquin Phoenix was in "The Village" with William Hurt.

From The Oracle of Bacon
Michael Rapaport was in "The Scout" with Harsh Nayyar.
Harsh Nayyar was in "Mr. Wonderful" with William Hurt.

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